Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance for Your Employees

Whether you have a small business with fewer than 50 employees or you qualify as a large business, you need to consider offering medical insurance to your employees. According to law, employers must pay at least 50 percent of the premium for their employees, making the group insurance more affordable. With the new Affordable Care Act, there are also limitations to the amount of money group health insurance can cost each employee. Therefore, it is critical to learn as much as possible about these insurance plans so you can choose the most cost-effective option that provides the coverage your employees need.

Advantages of Group Insurance

Group health insurance offers many benefits over requiring your employees to find individual insurance plans to meet their needs. When you offer medical insurance to your employees, you:

  • Offer affordable coverage, especially for those who have medical conditions.
  • Improve your levels of employee retention.
  • Give your employees a valuable benefit.
  • Ensure your employees maintain their health, reducing missed time at work.
  • Gain tax deductions for your business to reduce your tax liability.

The qualified representatives at Health Insure Plus in Dallas can help you evaluate your options and choose a policy that meets the law’s standards and provides your employees with the coverage they need at an affordable price.

Use Caution When Choosing Group Insurance

When you select group health insurance for your employees, you need a company you can trust to help you find the perfect option. Our professional staff works hard to make sure you are buying exactly what you need. Some insurance companies try to sell you medical insurance at a low rate that offers limited benefits. This is not beneficial to you or your employees. Low premiums are great, but they shouldn’t be reduced at the expense of great benefits that your employees deserve.

To find out more information, or just check out the rates for group health insurance, fill out our no obligation group health insurance quote form.

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